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Script Support / Re: Back again, hitting issues
thanks DaVince, ill be sure to try that out :)
Script Support / Back again, hitting issues
Hey all, i decided to return, give my old metroid side scroller another go

having all sorts of issues when trying to do this via minisphere tho

Can someone direct me to some materials to read to re-aquaint myself?

this code works on sphere 1.6 ( which i previously used ) but tells me its "not a sphere image" on minisphere?
Engine Development / Re: minisphere 3.0.3
well i tried the other first, forgot this was case sensitive lol

im guessing this is not the right place for me to be asking also right? Should i be in the support section? Ive been away for years
Engine Development / Re: minisphere 3.0.3
Hey all

been a while since ive been about here, saw all the improvements and was quickly tempted back

so thought id try minisphere

and of course immediately hit issues? what were once common functions are unrecognized?

Is there a good tutorial for me to go revisit, like i said its been a while. This project works just fine on 1.5 yet everything is "undefined" when i try via minisphere? Even functions i made within this same script its saying are undefined?

Ive hunted around but honestly i cant find any info on getting started again
Engine Development / Re: TurboSphere
As usual I am very impressed bro, Keep up the good work :)

Cant wait to start using this :)
Sphere General / Re: No more vsync
I had the same issue. I only found it because of your post (Nvidea Geforce 650 TI)
I know a few people that used it for school projects

Definately not dead as the wiki claims

When it comes to projects, we have quite a few that were collected up when the old site went down. Also I have a number I have worked on or collected

Engine Development / Re: TurboSphere
lol, you're a legend in my eyes :)
Awesome! This makes a lot more sense and is lot easier than what I thought I was going to have to do.
I figured it kind of make sense you can't set enemy positions pre-map, the map doesn't exist before you set it as the engine, so if one plots the X,Y before hand, its really plotting in a negative space. if this is the case,  then the best way to set a location is to do it when the map does exist .  But since the map engine is basically a loop, any location commands placed in Main class after MapEngine() isn't executed (which is what I stupidly did. I spent like 20 minutes shaking my head in shame). I thought I was going to have to make an update script for setting enemies then one for actual gameplay.
Thank you!  

... yup... I did this too a few years back... even now still on occasion :)

But alas, thats why we are here to help. Sometimes it just requires a "different" set of eyes
Engine Development / Re: TurboSphere
Your such a legend Jester :)

Its sounding awesome. Cant wait to start building projects with your baby :)
Even if this is just a litle project, I would like to see this completed and kept here somewhere.

When I tackled gravity before, I could find hardly anything on it here or on the old forums. It would be nice to have a example project :)

Keep up the good work all! :)
Engine Development / Re: Sphere 1.5, 1.6 beta
If you updated sphere with Xcode I would literally have your babies... *deep breathing*...
Projects / Re: Spectacles: Bruce's Story
Ive played a lot of games, that have debug rooms you can get to that were obviously used for battle testing?

Usually theres a way to toggle abilities and stats prior to a battle starting, then there are some custom enemies designed to use as many aspects of the engine as possible?

I wouldnt say "the final battle" is a requirement, just for testing (Hell FF7 had some giant pyramids).

But ill check it out when I get in :)
Oh, I am looking forward to checking that out.

You know, whenever I think of sphere, I think of The Rainis Manuscript. From the one or two screenshots I saw, I was impressed. Enough so to return to sphere entirely
I actually have a story

I worked at a bowling alley, Everyone called me Harry (As in Harry Potter, ever since school).

It came to a managers attention that a lot of people had no idea I was actually called Dave.

When he realised they call me Harry because of Harry Potter, he said "That is not cool enough"

He came back to me later with a packet of Harribo (Candy in the UK, if you were not aware)

But he said that wasnt quite cool enough because they have a slogan (Kids and grown ups love it so, the happy world of Harribo - would make me sound a little questionable)

So he "cooled" it up to Harry... Bo!

This was taken on the old Forums and on Xbox live, So Harrybo21 was born and has been my username for everything for 6 years!

Hope y'all enjoyed that

Also, Lord English has been retroactively associated with Ultima's Lord British

Made my day seeing this. Yes Lord British is the name of the Ruler of Britannia in Ultima, unkillable due to his magic crown (Although in every game there was a new way to kill him, eg Ultima 9, force feeding him bread laced with rat poison, Ultima 7, dropping a sign on his head etc :)). Its also the name that the main creator, Richard Gariott goes by. I thought I was the only Ultima fan out there :)