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Script Support / Back again, hitting issues
Hey all, i decided to return, give my old metroid side scroller another go

having all sorts of issues when trying to do this via minisphere tho

Can someone direct me to some materials to read to re-aquaint myself?

this code works on sphere 1.6 ( which i previously used ) but tells me its "not a sphere image" on minisphere?
I tried the old one outta my old PC, no picture at ALL. Tried a brand new GEFORCE GTX 650 TI - Absolutly nothing

Put the old card in (Even after uninstalling its drivers) and it displays using windows drivers. None of the other cards will?

Pc is a Advent DT2412. All Ive found is that the LECAGY boot mode doesnt work so your meant to change some settings on the BIOS. I did that, still no picture.

Anything I found on goodle said you have to disable onboard graphics. There is NO way to do that in the bios, you can change setting for the onboard but not disable. For the record the onboard graphics dont work if any of the problem cards are connected

Motherboard is a MSI board, which are apparently also a pain

I just cant figure this out and its really bumming me out. If I dont solve it the wife wont let me try again lol, her response is "Well obviously OUR computer cant have good graphics".

Can anyone help?

EDIT : The NEW GTX 650 card works in my OLD pc so the card isnt faulty. On the box it doesnt say it supports WIN 8 but their website does
Libraries / Mouse Library v1.0
Hey guys, heres my old mouse library in case anybody wanted it

Code: [Select]
var mouse = new _mouse(image) // To create a mouse object

mouse.update // In your update script
mouse.render // In your render script

mouse.isMouseOver(x, y, w, h, object) // If mouse is over x,y,w,h returns true. If you also specify an object that object will be targeted by the mouse for further actions

your_object.leftOnPress = function() {}
your_object.leftOnHold = function() {}
your_object.leftOnRelease = function() {}
your_object.rightOnPress = function() {}
your_object.rightOnHold = function() {} // Specify the function calls INSIDE your desired object
your_object.rightOnRelease = function() {}
your_object.middleOnPress = function() {}
your_object.middleOnHold = function() {}
your_object.middleOnRelease = function() {}

// For the above you MUST run .isMouseOver() with the object included as this will mean the mouse will call the appropriate function from inside that object

your_object.heldLag // If you want a delay between performing actions for the ""onHold functions. Every itteration is too much for most onHold functions

It does a couple of other things it can do but its fully commented

The next version will include further control, list the mouse wheel. I also wanted to include proper Keyboard support so itll be more of a "Input" library

I did have a more advanced version of this script but it seems to have wandered off???
Script Support / Alphabetical sort
Anyone got a fast and effective function to sort an array by alphabetical order of one of its properties. In this case ".name"?
Script Support / Key characters
So we know you can use characters like so "\224"

So if i wanted to write that out in a textbox that the user controls, then take that string to add that character, how would i?

It seems to refuse "/" because it is a special character (ie appears replaced by the appropriate character)

so "\" + "224"
would not work because it wont accept "\" on its own?

any ideas?
Off-Topic Discussions / Anyone got...
Has anyone got links to Kefka's Revenge and the version of sphere it runs with? It occured to me the other day that i never finished it but its actually the reason I came to sphere in the first place (That and trial and error)
Projects / Got fed up with typing
So I got fed up with typing all the items in and then changing the way they were handled. Thus having to mess around with all 255 of them.

Thus i decided to follow old advice of saving/loading from a text file. And to go with it I made a little GUI

Not meant to be special, but handy eh? Kept it similar to a program i use to get to the guts of a FF6 rom
Script Support / Question about switch
Code: [Select]
  return // the above?

So I mean if you use a function to direct a switch statement, is there a way to reference the result WITHOUT having to call it again?
Script Support / Require/Evaluate Script
Why would you use evaluate if you have require? surely require is just the more efficient equivalent right?
Script Support / Confusing issue
Ok so as an example you have a function like this
Code: (javascript) [Select]

function fadeObject(colour, time)
  this.time = time;
  this.newMask =;
  this.oldMask = CreateColor(0, 0, 0, 0);
  this.flagged = true;
  this.destroy = false;
  this.fadeTime = time;
  this.fadeCount = 1;
  this.fadeColourDifference = {}; = ( - / this.fadeTime; = ( - / this.fadeTime; = ( - / this.fadeTime;
  this.fadeColourDifference.alpha = (this.newMask.alpha - this.oldMask.alpha) / this.fadeTime ;

The Abort returns "0" just as it should, yet :
Code: (javascript) [Select] = ( - / this.fadeTime;

returns that this.newMask has no properties?

It definatly DOES have properties as if I Abort and check ANY of those properties they are there and the object itself returns as a color object???

Im trying to pass a color between a few functions including as a property in a object created within on of those functions so this is frustrating as I don't wanna use the global scope

(edit - code tags fixed ~neo)
Hellos and Byes / Hi again
Hey guys,

Glad to see the forums are all back and running. Ive been lurking the last few weeks but was very busy with work.

The Final Fantasy VI SDK is still coming along (man its been years now). Still not quite back where I was but still going smoothly.

Looking forward to writing it in TurboSphere in the future so COMON FLYING JESTER YEAH! lol
Sphere Support / Super Metroid 2d physics/gravity
Hey guys,

Firstly, I am so glad we have the forums back (Although unfortunately this site is blocked on my work PC... wasn't :( ) !

Now I move onto my question.

I decided I wanted to learn how 2d sidescrollers work. Specifically Super Metroid for the SNES.

Now I tried figuring it for myself and movement just seemed odd? So I spent a few hours researching on the net although I found some help it was hard to find anything fit-for-purpose.

Again I got close but odd movement, and it didn't seem adaptable at all.

I really wanna keep the floaty-ness of super Metroid, but also for collision I need a way to be more precise with collision (In Metroid your current sprite frames height is taken into consideration, im guessing at least when you consider the morphball)

Can anyone get me started?