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Back in black. Or...whatever.
Hey all. Anyone remember me from the old forums? If not, and for the sake of new peeps, I'm Mooch. Big Nintendo fan, (yet-unpublished) writer, love messing around with programming type dealies, blee bloo blop.

Man, what the crip crapple happened? I check up on Sphere, and boom -- it's all nuked, the forums are new and totes dead. The Wiki's doing fine, and I've still got all my old files, so I can do whatevs, but still. Spooky.

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Re: Back in black. Or...whatever.
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Yeah, seems like you haven't heard but some months back the host of Spherical made a major mistake that ended up taking everything offline and deleting the entire history of Spherical. I know of no hosting service that is so cruel. The mistake being: they screwed up the billing order for the use of their service, and thought it wasn't paid. Rather than giving some time for the problem to be sorted out, they just nuke everything and continue on. No protocol whatsoever in the event that they made a mistake on their end. Sheesh!

Anyways, long story short, the forums were reset. What's done is done. Welcome back to the community! Enjoy your new home. :)
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Re: Back in black. Or...whatever.
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Holy crap! That's the jerkiest thing I've heard all week. Except, you know...that bombing >_>

Oh well, like you say, no use crying over spilt milk. Some stuff got archived, anyway. If I google "MoochDice" it turns up that old topic.