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Game Development / Re: Rouge Rogue Rabbit Puncher
Yeah. For the most part working with SFML bindings in a higher level language (or monogame and a lot of other such libraries) probably isn't that much different than working with sphere (or its sibling engines like ika/verge). The main difference is the lack of a built-in map engine, which probably isn't that much of a hardship to do yourself if you've been working with sphere for long enough (for map editing using tiled or something is generally fine).

I could see myself switching to SDL2 at some point just for peace of mind of having directx support for windows and a few other things. Especially since I pretty much ended up making my own wrapper around SFML anyway (for the sake of simplicity when interacting with the python scripting side that handles most of the game logic). But for just starting out with C++, SFML was far more comforting to have a familiar style of API.

Picking a tool at the time was kind of weird. XNA had just lost official support, so I was hesitant to continue to use C# (also I was kind of hesitant about portability back then since mono was youngish). The ika community had pretty much dried up entirely for maintaining it, and I wasn't very fond of pygame and other python game stuff. Unity was years away from proper 2d support and I kind of hated how heavy handed it is about the engine being in full control of certain things. So C++ with python scripting it was.

It has been one heck of a learning experience, but being able to plop things into a lower level language whenever python couldn't cut it performance wise has been handy (though I'm sure my naive C++ is way slower than other options). The biggest bummer has actually been how many smaller game tools (game ui, particle effect editors, etc) have moved to operating solely within specific engines or libraries (mostly Unity, but also other things).
Game Development / Re: Rouge Rogue Rabbit Puncher

Speaking of new games though, have you been able to work on new stuff?

Most my energy for the last several years has been going into one game. I hope it gets released next year. I really hope.

I've done some weird side projects in the meantime though:

Dracula Resurrecting Dating Sim & LowFi First Person Horror Thingy
Majora's Mask Style NPC Schedule RPG
Text Based Exploration Game
Card Based Dungeon Crawler

Mostly a bunch of OHR games since I could snag artists during contests (big game is a custom engine using SFML for the curious. Also part of why it's taking so long). Didn't manage to get any side stuff out this year, though.

Game Development / Re: Rouge Rogue Rabbit Puncher
I ended up just walking past the mid-boss, but the ending is great.

Super cool to see a new beaker game in 2015.