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I will change the email address once I can confirm if email can be set up. Meanwhile, users should please set GMail to accept that email address.
Site Comments / Re: What about botters?
I need to test what I put in first; a reCaptcha mod is the next step after the 2nd stopforumspam mod.

I'm all for reconsidering the verification process as long as we have a better alternative; I still want members we know are real people to be put into the Verified group, but if we find out we don't need to limit permissions then I will simply make it a superficial group but it will still provide staff with another way to filter member lists.

Re that specific user - the website in question has a YouTube video for what looks to be a Castlevania 3 mod or something, and the YT channel seems legit. There's also a highscores tracking page on the site, so the game in question might very well have been made from the ground up in an engine instead of hacking CV3. Original announcement of that game seems to be on this forum.
Site Comments / Re: The main site
I plan on updating the front page once I confirm that the anti-spam I added to the forums is working and I put anti-spam on the wiki.
Site Comments / Re: Spherical Wiki
For the deprecation warning, definitely a template where you can pass as a variable the version number in which it was first deprecated and it will autogenerate the necessary category (should probably read "Deprecated in vX.Y" or something similarly simple) and autogenerate the warning box wherever it's placed (which means we should probably require its placement at the very top of the article in question, along with other similar warning boxes).

For the version, a template with your "Introduced in vX.Y" generated category should suffice and we can always edit it later as needed (with necessary redirections for category renames as well).
Spherical News / **READ ME FIRST
This guide is for new members to read upon entering the forums for the first time.

General Posters
New members are once again allowed to post normally.

Verified Status
If you aren't already part of the "Verified" group, PM a GMod or Admin the answer to 5 + 2. This is to insure you can post if and when posting restrictions are once again imposed (to block bots from posting).

Welcome to the forums!
Site Comments / Re: What about botters?
Ok, starting out w/a Honey Pot plugin, httpBL. GMods, let me know if such an option appears in the Members menu of your Settings, thanks!
Site Comments / Re: Spherical Wiki
Stickied as the official wiki thread.
Spherical News / Re: Welcome Back!!!
More boards made; if something was here look in one of the other boards now.
Spherical News / MOVED: Wiki
Spherical News / MOVED: What about botters?
Spherical News / MOVED: First Screenshots!
Site Comments / Re: What about botters?
I have a set of plugins in mind that should work. Will report shortly.
Site Comments / Re: Wiki
I want to amend a bit the editing procedure we'll use for Sphere's API on the wiki. I want functions to be tagged with the earliest possible version of Sphere in which they appeared and if they're deprecated in 1.6 and later. You can probably use extra categories for both, but let's be consistent throughout.

For pre-1.5, say its version is 1.1; 1.5 is 1.5, 1.6 is 1.6, and 1.7 (however alpha or beta it may still be) is 1.7. TurboSphere will be considered a version, and any functions marked as such will only consider the latest working version of TurboSphere until TS actually reaches at least Sphere 1.5 parity, then those after that will have TurboSphere version numbers.

Any wiki experts who have wiki accounts (I haven't done wiki+forum integration yet, and haven't yet decided if we'll have it this go around) feel free to make some templates, and remember we have ParserFunctions installed. For later articles, we'll eventually have MathML using MathJax and the same syntax highlighter Wikipedia uses.

I'm also taking suggestions for possible wiki extensions that may be useful!
Spherical News / Re: Mooving Sphere to GitHub
What he said.

This thread will become the official thread to express interest in working on the source that's on GitHub. As is usual w/GitHub, anyone can fork and request that their edits be merged into official source. The organization sphere-group consists of two groups of devs: those who've worked directly on the source or auxiliary tools, and those who've worked on non-source non-tool projects significant to the advancement of Sphere's development or promotion.

Anyone interested in becoming a publicized member of sphere-group on GitHub let me know your GitHub username; @casiotone, @kamatsu, and @Flying Jester especially let me know if you have GitHub accts and what they are and if you want to be part of it, thanks!

(edit - becoming a publicized member will require that you either have already worked on or will work on either Sphere's source, a project significant to the advancement of Sphere, or both.)
Spherical News / Re: Welcome Back!!!
Re the theme - I'll leave the default for now, but there will be a custom one built to somewhat restore the look and feel of the old one. I'm hoping that given that we're now using SMF v2 branch that it'll be significantly easier to view and act on smartphones and tablets; the v1 HTML framework was pretty limiting.