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Site Comments / Re: New front page in development
For convenience I added to the htaccess a redirect to the GDrive from
Resources / Re: NES controller font by me

The only part that seems off to me is the lowercase z, though. It looks a little bulged.

Part of the current limitations of the FontStruct engine.

Looking at it again I see there are inconsistencies in the letter forms. The descenders on p and q for example look different than y, j and g. And then the uppercase C is curved on the left, but the B and D is flat and E only has the upper left flat.

All supposed to look like that.
[ ... ]if the player is occluded by the large sprite, the sprite turns invisible. I've seen this in many games and it makes sense: in an action game, if you and the enemy are behind a large tree which hides everything, you may not know if you are getting attacked or not. Now you can at least see the action unfold.

I like how games like Stardew Valley do it, rather than turning completely invisible simply make it semi-transparent. New Super Mario Bros. kind of does that with hidden rooms/alcoves too to reveal the players.
Resources / NES controller font by me
Now usable for the most common cases (English alphabet + German eszett + 0-9), my attempt to recreate the retro-futuristic Roc Mitchell font, Logos, is now at a state I feel comfortable advertising. Download New Era Software for free today!

Besides the fact that it doesn't seem like Duktape is going to get proper ES6 support any time soon, implementing TypeScript now would be much quicker.  I don't intend to port minisphere to SpiderMonkey or V8, so this seems the most feasible option right now.

Would this mean that implementing TypeScript may result in having two script engines? I'm fine with this, I just want to make sure we're on the same page.
Wouldn't implementing ES6 JS instead cover most of the use cases TypeScript was created to achieve? Ignoring differences in underlying implementation for a second, I would be ok as long as the ES5 JS we currently (mostly?) support remains intact.
Site Comments / Re: New front page in development

Latest engine will always be available here:


Not sure how difficult it would be to scrape data from that though.  Alternatively I think GitHub has an API for this kind of thing, I don't know anything about it though.

If GitHub has an API that would be groovy. Would have to make sure to double-check the releases are tagged properly, though.
Engine Development / Re: minisphere 3.0rc1
I'll try to find time over the weekend to give it a go on Mac.
Even porting 1.5 editor's conversion functions to some cross-platform command line utilities (I think I started to do this once, but forgot if I ever made progress) will be better than nothing for my purposes; image-to-spriteset and image-to-map+tiles are much more important than font conversion, since we can use either system fonts or my fonts if needed.

I'll also need to fix my Sphere format viewer app to read maps+tiles properly and update the byuu libraries to the most recent version, which will theoretically allow better compilation on Mac and Linux.
My college supposedly offers a "JavaScript Game Programming" course that would count as a computer science elective if was actually staffed and students could register for it. I'm going to contact the comp sci department chair to petition to not only have someone teach that course so they can actually have an open section for a change, but also to be the one to teach it (and if I'm lucky would count as my "capstone" project as well).

If I am the one to be teaching the course I almost certainly would use Sphere as the engine since minisphere now catalyzes its multi-platform capabilities and it might even give me some extra motivation to clean up the web version.

As such, I would like to request a stable, preferably native, Linux and/or Mac build of a Sphere editor, either the original or Sphere Studio. I expect that, if the course is approved and I'm teaching it using Sphere, there is a much higher than normal likelihood that students would use a non-Windows OS. I'd also like to request confirmation that the Windows editors would work on Windows 8 and/or 10. The sooner we can confirm working editors the sooner I can have some ammo in my belt to tip the scales in favor of getting this class open for this fall.
Engine Development / Re: minisphere 2.1.6

Follow-up: I managed to pin down the Wine lockup.  It locks up whenever it tries to open a document tab.  Wine, like Mono, really seems to hate the Weifen Luo dock panel. :-\

Do the Weifen Luo widgets need .NET >=4.0 or use some obscure, undocumented Win32 |API?
Engine Development / Re: minisphere 2.1.6

Now if only I had a Mac, we'd have the trifecta...

If you personally invest money in a Mac, I highly recommend getting into iOS app dev at that point, since IMO that's the only thing a Mac can do properly that no other OS can come close to (basically the iOS equivalent of the C#+Visual Studio vs. Mono+MonoDevelop and/or maybe the wine vs. Windows debate).
'Tis odd indeed.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Spherical mentioned on xkcd
It's probably simple to make a userscript to do the replacements on a global spherical scale :)
Resources / Re: Some Fonts for Sphere
Everything before chr 32 are supposed to be control characters and not usually give visible change when typing except for carriage return, line feed, tab, and maybe vertical tab.