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Yea, I did tests with MNG in Sphere around 2004 or 2005 or so and found it much easier to simply create a spriteset and animate it in code or using map engine command queuing.
I'm in favor, though I do have some concerns.

Let's assume that there will be some ability to convert, either implicitly or explicitly, Tiled-format maps to Sphere or otherwise write in treating Tiled as native somehow. How do we handle things like per-tile obstructions (especially if we implement a thing like entrance/exit obstructions), possible terraforming, and such if the format ends up so wildly different in implementation than the original Sphere map format? Do we attempt wrappers or bridges, or do we force Tiled hexagonal pegs to fit into Sphere's square holes?

What will be the approach, and how much of it will be C/C++, how much in script?
Spherical News / Re: Downtime
Access log is reading as 1.04GB, so...yea. Trimming that now. :/
Well whaddyaknow. That looks like old style, yes.
spherepm or sphpm is fine I guess.
Programming / Re: I finally understand matrices
In 2013 I had to implement matrix multiplication from scratch for a college assignment and was reading a Microsoft article on software-based 3D rendering at around the same time. I was familiarizing myself with byuu's phoenix GUI wrapper and took the opportunity to implement the MS examples in the software canvas with much success. That's when matrix maths clicked for me and I easily passed Linear/Matrix Algebra a semester or two later.
Spherical News / Re: Server upgrade
Probably cuz 14.04 is the last sane LTS of Ubuntu before the attempts to Gnome-ify everything? Go for it, dude.
Resources / Gradius logo font by me
Now usable for the most common lettering jobs (English alphabet + German eszett + 0-9) and with a few extended Latin characters, my attempt to recreate the Solotype font, Lampoon, is available for free, called Harpoon. The primary character set is complete, so the work that remains is mostly expanding its available characters.

It's likely most well known for being the font used for the Gradius logo (before Konami tweaks, of course).
Hellos and Byes / Re: Hello Again
Hoi! Thanks for the idea, I think we definitely need to call something sphere-grid, but what?
Engine Development / Re: minisphere 3.0.5

I guess this is one case where map stitching would come in handy.  You could stitch smaller maps together to create one huge one and just avoid drawing the ones which are off-screen.

Wait, you weren't ignoring rendering off-screen tiles this whole time???
Site Comments / Re: Forum text too small on mobile
You're probably right, and the irony here is that this would be a moot point if I had completed the custom forum theme sooner.
Resources / Re: NES controller font by me
Update: decently constructed digits are now available, download and update your font today!
Resources / Genesis logo font by me
Now usable for the most common lettering jobs (English alphabet + German eszett + 0-9 + punctuation), my attempt to recreate the Sega Genesis logo font is available for free, called Negesis. Heavily inspired by NiseGenesis by Act Select, this version is not only faithful to the original but also very pixel-friendly. Next version (probably over the weekend or something) will likely include extended Latin characters with the various accents and diacritics and such.

Minor hiccough is no kerning on specific letter pairs, so there will be noticeable space between e.g. ST or F+any uppercase, but for now unless FontStruct implements kerning pairs this can be mitigated through your graphics software.
For implementing the plugin system and maybe cleaning up the socket/networking system, is taking a look at Node.JS's source useful in any way?

Oh, BTW I'm adding a new feature, the master palette. It's attached to the ImageEditControl, what it does is shows you the palette used by the whole image. If you change a color there, it changes every pixel automatically. It's useful for map editing when you want to edit multiple tiles pixel colors all at once than painstakingly selecting them one at a time.

OMG I've wanted this in the editor for over a decade and hated having to select multiple tiles to edit many at once to do the color replacement. I was too lazy to figure out the map editor myself to add it, so good stuff dude!