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Hellos and Byes / Re: Hello again in this new forum
I most certainly got way to wrapped up in my internship I forgot to check back. No, Unfortunely I uploaded nothing. The games I was working on was mainly a Megaman Battle Network Homepage (which I did finish and have since lost and never uploaded) and Random anime clash map. I never did much with both of them but those spritesets from both took days -_-

Guess the first lesson in programming is backup, backup, backup.
My last copy was on a flash drive from long ago and that died. I'm sure we all love that solid state data save rate 0.0

Any who, thanks for the helps dudes. Playing around with Sphere again would be fun for nostalgic reasons at the very least. Or possibly some throwaway prototyping.
Hellos and Byes / Hello again in this new forum
I wasn't particularly active as I would have liked to have been in the old forum. My old user name was Ivan Storm. I'm glad sphere peaked my interest in coding (and of course video game design as a hobby) and I remember several of you, or at least your old usernames (given I was 14-15 ten years ago)
Where any old archives of the old forum made? I am trying to get a hold of old work I had done and unfortunately there were no backups of my hard drive from back then to continue my childhood projects.
To be honest, I wish I never gave up. At 14, I could never have envisioned the App marketplace existing, and many of you here have probably ported over your own games into one app marketplace or the other.
Shout out to Davince for keeping your old forums up. I found some of my old postings and clues to where I was from back in 06.