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Sci-Fi Mar-Bles expansion released
Some of you on the old forum may remember this project I did in YoYoGames' Game Maker, called Sci-Fi Mar-Bles. It's an action-maze game that relies heavily on physics, in a low-gravity, space-like theme.

Anyways, the first release showed promise according to some, and many felt it had potential. However, it was quite amateurish, and kind of boring, and it was filled with bugs.

Yesterday, I released an expansion to this game which triples as a patch, a graphical/gameplay update, AND an addition of new levels. This expansion includes ten new levels, updated graphics (each set of levels has its own graphical theme), new music tracks, more streamlined gameplay, many bugfixes, and more story integration. I've really acted on feedback, and I've received a few compliments about the expansion. In contrast to the first time around, where I spent about a day with testing the game, I tested this game for almost an entire week, smoothing out many bugs and restructuring certain levels, so bugs should occur much less frequently. I also added a hiscores table at the end so you can keep track of your personal hiscores and try to top yourself each time. :)

Here's the article on my site that talks about it, if anyone is interested in trying it out:

Feel free to give feedback if you have any, and I'll try to act on it if/when I make a new expansion. However, for now, I am going to start focusing on my main project, Ilxder - The Adventure Begins, fully again.
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