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Making a variety of trees
Hey guys, I just recently bought a new laptop and desktop after my previous laptop broke down, so I've been working on developing my game again. I was working on the map for the tutorial area in the game, and I noticed, "Wait a minute, all I have are evergreen-style trees...". My tileset for this map has a bunch of evergreen trees from a tileset I imported and modded for the different environments, but I don't want my entire game to be Pine-Land. So I tried experimenting, trying come up with a variety of tree shapes (nothing specifically identical to real-life species of tree).. to put it bluntly, I failed horribly. :P

That being said, I'm also using the trees from Metallix's Resource Competition entry, which look great (even when I had to rescale them to my usual tile size), but I still would like a bigger variety than just evergreens and plain trees. Mainly just shape and color is what I'm looking for. Does anyone have an idea of where I can find either a tutorial or resources themselves that I can use in my game (I don't mind giving credit- I just don't have the money to pay royalties or anything)?

My general tile size is 16x16, and the art style of the game isn't too cartooney.

Any ideas are appreciated, because like I said, I'm not exactly good at graphics hehe
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