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Forum theming
This forum has all of...two themes, both being drab, generic default ones. Does a forum theme competition sound like a good idea, possibly to get some more community involvement?

Re: Forum theming
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I'm actually about to start a UI class this semester, maybe I could use this as part of my project for that class :P

Re: Forum theming
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I'd like to help with this. I would really like to have a cleaner, less gradienty bright theme with high DPI icons.

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Re: Forum theming
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I swear N E O was working on restoring the older black/white theme.
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Re: Forum theming
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I recall that. That's how we got the large logo and blank banner in the bright theme.

I was excited for that. I still am!

But I suspect NEO has bigger fish to fry on Spherical...

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Re: Forum theming
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But I suspect NEO has bigger fish to fry on Spherical...

This, but also a pretty significant off-forum life situation that is not yet resolved. I don't feel comfortable recounting it yet until its resolution.

My Spherical project queue is as follows: resolve the wiki issues, update the forum's anti-spam, update the forum as needed, then continue working on the custom theme that I started. I started a theme that is currently incomplete and as a result is opt-in by request PM if you want to be a beta tester. Once complete I will definitely set it to public and almost certainly set it to be the default forum theme.