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Articles / Re: Screen recording Sphere and/or editors
I use OBS myself, but it requires DirectX 10 to run at the time of writing.
Without opening windows, it gives me a "The Sphere Studio has stopped working", with a second window asking me if I want to send more information about the problem, the first of which I linked to, and the third of which is in hex, and the second of which is below:
After installing 4.5 for good measure, the results of the most recent crash:
Running x64 Windows 7, and attempting to run the Sphere Editor.exe results in it crashing and burning without fail. I've gotten little usable information about what is going wrong so far, and I'm not sure if I may be missing a non-standard system dll or something, or if running from my D: drive is causing the problem. The problem signature in the crash report notes that it is a "System.IO.FileLoadException". Full problem signature can be given if needed.
Sphere Support / Procedural Generation of Maps?
I've been looking through various sphere documentations and I can't seem to find any hints of how this would be done. I could see it being done in ascii, but as for implementing graphics I am unsure as to how I would manage to make any sort of map be generated at runtime.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to if/how this would be possible?
Hellos and Byes / Anti-robot sentiments?
When making an account I discovered that I could not, in fact, say that I was a robot, despite the fact that I may or may not be a biological robot.
Are we all not, in fact, robots, to some degree? Could it not be argued that humans are no more than robots made carbon based products?

Anyway, hey guys, it's been a while and I decided to work with Sphere again now that I'm a mildly competent programmer, as opposed to the slightly competent one I was before. Sadly, my visual skills have fallen lower than the heights they had reached. Which, all in all, is only about a two inch drop.