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Hearing all the highs and lows of these makes me wish we could just grab the bits and pieces, the low optimizer and the high optimizer and all that, and just connect them for the best of both worlds. Sadly that plan obviously won't work for a multitude of reasons.
Libraries / Re: Link.js v0.2.15
So you're saying that I shouldn't casually slip null characters into strings I'm planning on processing? Now how am I supposed to hide morse code encoded in null characters!
I understand what you mean, I worked in a web development internship for a couple years. In terms of developer-side, doing things web-based is almost entirely upside - automatic updates, so all your clients are using the most recent version, easier to find runtime bugs, all kinds of things. The only reason I'm not all for it is the realistic lack of infrastructure.
Also, I really wish people would stop using IE.
Seriously, why can't they just implement the standard like everyone else does.

I'm already thinking we ought to move ALL of our desktop-written software to the web.

I'm of the mind that we should hold off on that until we have the infrastructure to ensure it works. I'm on the go frequently, and having internet is a fair toss-up for me. As such, I have copies of software specifically for use when I'm out and about.
I do agree that that is the ideal, but the fact that it moves control of the software away from the user and completely disables people without at least decent internet from using the software makes me less excited about it.
Site Comments / Re: Hello?
I started my third semester not too long ago, and I have recently started trying to plan out the engine for Poncho, but I'm learning more about what the limitations of the system are for what things I'll have to manually code.
I was vaguely remembering a few projects back in the day to build some libraries that you could simply use for various aspects of the game engine (battle system, movement engine, etc.), and I was wondering if any of those ever came to fruition? In particular I'm going to have to program a Secret of Mana/Legend of Zelda-esque battle system, and it seems like something that would be common enough that other people would have implemented it a hundred times over. It seems like there would exist a well optimized implementable framework that would be available, but there isn't yet. While I understand the importance of knowing how all your code works, especially the most "basic" systems, it would still be useful to have a well optimized framework to compare against and learn from.
I'd say it'd be a good idea to get a programming buddy over skype or something who can look over your code for dumb things that you don't catch because you just wrote that code. I'd liken it to having someone proofread something you just wrote, because unless you wait a couple days before picking it up again you'll think "yes, this is correct, I just wrote this" instead of thinking "wow i missed something really obvious how did I do that"
You're writing "if (blobObstructed = 1)" instead of "if(blobObstructed == 1)".  =  is the assignment operator while == is the comparison operator, you are setting blobObstructed equal to 1 every time.
My favorite description is "Four kids play a video game. At the same time, a dispute in work dress code results in the death of millions"
Reading Problem Sleuth, which had the original "text adventure" style gameplay, where readers submitted their own commands, it makes a lot more sense why Homestuck starts out so crazy- the author was segueing them from "crazy antics" to "realistic game"- hence why things are so stupid in the beginning but come together.
I'd love to talk about homestuck but my understanding of the timeline is rooted in the order of events chronologically and not when they were told narrative wise, so I refrain from talking or else I bleed spoilers
Projects / Re: Poncho [Unreleased] [Pre-Development]
Well, after a good amount of time spent drafting out code, I realized that I didn't really have any concrete plans for the main content of the game; we had a vague idea of what amounted to a "puzzle roguelike", which, in the prototyping stage, proved to be more repetitive than fun. After a bit of going back to the drawing board and looking over our original ideas, we realized that we had planned for a roguelike world which was meant to be explored - and that is not something easy to make "fun".
I've built out a framework for a simple combat system, which under the original idea would have been almost superfluous - hence its purposeful simplicity. The main point was to let you sit down and explore something new every game. While at first it seems interesting to have a "new world to explore every time you sit down", putting that into code and making it an engaging experience for the player proved to be a bit more difficult, especially when mated with the rougelike permadeath, making exploration of the world something which would only really effect the player, and wouldn't be able to have a lasting effect on the character. Currently, I've pushed this game back into the Pre-development so that we can get the main body of the game built out, instead of having a paper thin game with lots of bells and whistles on the side.

So, if you want a short explanation as to the lack of development on this project, the game seemed like it could be fun to play, once we get the main body of the game into something that doesn't seem painfully repetitive.

As much as I'd love to launch into a discussion of rougelike games and their implications on story telling and world building and exploration, I don't think that the documentation thread for my project is the best place for it.
I've met lots of people who have said it both ways, "mezz-o" and "met-so" so I make sure to define that, yes, it is "mezz-o". I always thought that mezzoforte and mezzosoprano were "mezz-o", but then I met people who pronounced it "met-so", so I figure it can be pronounced both ways.
Projects / Re: Poncho [Unreleased]
Graphically, the game looks almost exactly the same, except for the ability to (in code) set a skin tone over top of the plain white body.
Which reminds me, I can make the opening New Game/Continue screen pretty easily right now, if I can remember all the stuff about menus and how they work :P

Mine is the name of a character from the webcomic Homestuck. Lord English is an indestructible, time-traveling demon who is summoned upon the destruction of a universe and then proceeds to travel back in time to an earlier point in its lifetime. Thus, if he exists in your universe, then by definition you can't outrun him or prevent his summoning, as he is already here.  The concept of that is fascinating to me, for whatever reason. :)

Are you sure you aren't thinking of the Doctor?

Yes (Possible spoilers, maybe, depends on your definition of spoilers)
(Also possible seizure warning)
Also, Lord English has been retroactively associated with Ultima's Lord British