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Game Development / Re: The Screenshot Thread
(Though I have to disagree that it's a unique look - the Vectrex did it in 1982, after all. :P )
I meant compared to the entries in the game jam. I didn't see any other vector graphics-style games posted.

I'm going to guess that the ship is drawn as a LineLoop?  Looks really nice, and it's great to see more and more people get some mileage out of the Galileo classes.  @Flying Jester would be proud because I nicked the idea for them straight from TurboSphere. :stuck_out_tongue:

On an unrelated note, seeing things like this in action does make me think I should add an "auto" resolution option that makes the window resizable and also to use the OS native resolution in fullscreen mode...
It does, and I wrote a helper class to make working with rotating, translating, and scaling a bit easier.
Game Development / Re: The Screenshot Thread
I decided to pick my Asteroids clone that uses only Shapes/Transforms (as opposed to images or spritesets) and the font for "PRESS SPACE", and it actually does stuff now. In retrospect, I should have used this for my entry into the Ludum Dare game jam. I might have been able to finish it (maybe) and it would have had a unique look.
I wasn't able to finish in time either. I bit off more than I could chew and got stuck on getting the enemy AI to work. On the bright side, I'll probably be able to use some of the code for my vector Asteroids clone, though I'll have to clean it up a bit since my code turned into a bit of a mess towards the end.
We're a little past the 24 hour mark, and things are getting pretty interesting. There are a lot of really cool looking projects.
5 minutes left!
This sounds pretty interesting. I've never done anything like this, and have always worked on my stuff (games and non-games) on my own time and at my own pace, so I think this will be a good way to challenge and test myself. And of course to promote miniSphere along with any other Spherical members who are joining.
Editor Development / Re: QtSphere IDE 0.2.5
Alright, I zeroed out the reserved byte arrays and set the default frame delay to 8 (since I had it at 1), and now it creates a spriteset identical to one generated by the 1.x editor if you renamed the empty direction to "north", added "east", "south", and "west" directions, and gave each direction three frames.
Game Development / Re: The Screenshot Thread
I have to say, I would most definitely use that H*R startup game. Make sure it includes Strong Bad spewing out a bunch of randomized lines!
I was actually considering doing that, but I'm not sure how appropriate that would be for a game launcher.
Editor Development / Re: QtSphere IDE 0.2.5
That was done deliberately in GIMP to see how the 1.x editor handles  similar shades of the given color. It's also why I added a gradient to the last frame.

Also importing works now, and the created file can be read by both QtSphere IDE and the original editor, though I don't know about Radnen's editor. sha256sum reports that the file generated by my editor has a different checksum from one generated by the original editor, but I suspect that's because of random junk in the reserved byte arrays.
Editor Development / Re: QtSphere IDE 0.2.5 it turns out  the directions being reset was caused by two really dumb mistakes. The was being reset because of what you described. Changing it from a char* to a QString fixed the issue.
As for the frames being "reset", I created each frame when looping through num_frames (an integer read from the .rss file), but forgot to actually add them to direction.frames!

Whatever, at least it works now, and importing is mostly finished, as you can see from the images. The spriteset in imported.png is ugly but it isn't meant to be pretty, since I was using it to make sure that the given color is being properly replaced with transparency (or another color if you don't need transparency).
Editor Development / Re: QtSphere IDE 0.2.5
That's a good idea, not saving the image right away to facilitate experimentation.  I've always been annoyed when an editor automatically saves something you just created that you might end up having to delete and start over; IDEs in particular are notorious for forcing you to save newly created projects (Sphere Studio also being an offender here).
Yeah, it just always felt really awkward. The menu even says "Import", which generally implies that something is being included or generated without being saved automatically.

As a suggestion for a future iteration it could be useful to see an actual preview of the generated spriteset before actually generating it; this would let the user fiddle with the values and see the results in realtime, before clicking OK.
That should be pretty easy with Qt's slots/signals.

Right now I'm having an extremely frustrating issue with the direction objects in the direction list being corrupted/reset after the function that they're created in returns. I'm not sure if it's caused by my pointer handling or Qt's implicit sharing system, but based on my experience with the same thing happening to individual QImage objects, I'm guessing it's the latter.
Editor Development / Re: QtSphere IDE 0.2.5
I'm working on importing spritesets from images. Unlike the original editor, which immediately saved the generated spriteset, QtSphere IDE just imports the image, so you can make changes before saving it, or in case it didn't come out right. Also as you can see, I combined the frame width/height and the transparency i/o dialogs into one for user convenience.
Editor Development / Re: QtSphere IDE 0.2.5
Oh great, I just booted into Windows to try it out, and apparently MSVC is a lot stricter than GCC, so I'm getting a bunch of errors.
Game Development / Re: The Screenshot Thread
Yeah, Homestar Runner was the best thing about the 00s internet.  Shame the creators moved onto bigger and better things around 2009 and just kind of left the site to rot. 
That's unfortunately inevitable, but at least they still occasionally update it.

Pretty soon Flash will be totally obsolete and the cartoons won't even be watchable anymore. :(
That's pretty much the reason why I wanted to recreate the Java on the Brain applets. Originally because the Java browser plugin had turned into a piece of junk, and then because it no longer worked at all. The Brothers Chaps did say that they're experimenting with different solutions to solve the issue though. And the flash player is one of the very few plugins that browsers still support because of how ubiquitous it is.
The Java plugin turning into a piece of junk is why I gave up on JavaSphere.

I'm kind of surprised they never ran ads on that site.  Guess they made enough money from merchandise to keep it running without them.
I always appreciated that fact. H*R was (and still is) 100% awesome.
Game Development / Re: The Screenshot Thread
On an unrelated note (but still relevant to the thread in general), as if I didn't have too many pipe dream projects already, I'm sure some of you guys are probably fans Homestar Runner so I'm sure you'll be able to appreciate this.
This technically isn't really a screenshot since I made it in GIMP as a mockup, but it eventually will be a miniSphere game launcher. Assuming it actually gets anywhere. Ideally it would select a random computer (Tandy, exploded Tandy, Compy, Corpy, shotgunned Compy, Lappy, Compe, Lappier) and instead of email titles, it would show game titles.