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That automatic mirroring functionality looks handy!  Your editor is already miles ahead of the stock editor, Radnen, and it keeps getting better. :). Now all it needs is the ability to change the script editor font and tab size and I'll use it exclusively...
I'll check out the .NET docs later tonight when I have access to my own laptop and let you know.

Edit: Bummer.  Looks like the new folder selection dialog requires custom code to use, it's not natively supported in .NET.  According to the article below, internal methods to do it exist, but it requires reflection to make use of:

Probably way too much work just for a simple .NET Sphere editor.  To answer your question, I believe you can use the file selection dialog for this purpose, but you'd have to parse the filename out of the resulting path and the user wouldn't be able to select a folder that didn't have at least one file in it...
That's the old-style folder selection dialog.  Most new apps I've seen use a dialog similar to the file selection box (so you can paste a path), so it's probably just a matter of calling the correct API.
How so?  A UAC prompt is the equivalent of Linux asking for the root password.

You are on Windows, did you try turning off the stupid UAC rules?

People always suggest this, but this is a bad idea. Turning UAC off leaves the account with full admin privileges at all times--the equivalent to logging in as root on Linux.  The problem is that programmers still seem to think it's okay to save config data in Program Files, which is poor practice to begin with.
Libraries / Re: Scenario 2.1.1
Haha, to be honest I don't even remember what I changed between 2.1 and 2.1.1. It couldn't have been anything major or I would have bumped it to 2.2 instead.  Oh well, I'll look over it, thanks alpha!

Edit: Hm, so apparently 2.1.1 was all refactoring, and somehow I managed to make the code MORE of a mess than it already was in the process.  I really have to get 3.0 finished as quickly as possible! :)
Libraries / Re: Scenario 2.1.1
So the plan was originally just to clean up the Scenario codebase a little and do a minor version bump to 2.2, but instead I ended up getting caught up in a major refactoring exercise. So needless to say, it's going to take longer than originally planned, but hopefully Scenario 3.0 will be worth the wait. :)
Projects / Re: Spectacles: Bruce's Story

A map tile size of 64 would be hard to pull off. One it's hard to find resources for that size, two it's harder to draw (well by pixel art). But if you are going for a more HD style, then you just need someone who knows photoshop well enough.

Hm, I guess you're right.  I suppose I got a little ambitious there shooting for 720p for a 2D RPG.  I mean, it would definitely look awesome, but the high-resolution graphics might seem out of place considering I'm shooting for an overall retro feel for the game itself (think SNES-era RPGs).  And Sphere renders in software I believe; 1280x720 would likely cause lag on anything slower than an i3 anyway.   So yeah, this would probably work better if I use the standard 320x240 resolution (fullscreen would be an issue though since no graphics hardware supports that res anymore and Sphere itself is too outdated to know how to accommodate).  Heck, I could even go really old-school and do 320x200 (mode 13!)

I don't know, any suggestions?
Projects / Re: Spectacles: Bruce's Story
I just added some character descriptions to the OP.  I hate bumping threads like this, so for my future reference: Is merely editing a post enough to push the thread to the top, or is a manual bump required?
Projects / Re: Spectacles: Bruce's Story
While CTB is technically just a glorified ATB system under the hood, I do feel it changes the overall gameplay experience dramatically.  It's my personal favorite of the FF battle systems, and I was quite disappointed when future games went back to the more active setup.
Projects / Re: Spectacles: Bruce's Story
I'm going to try to post up some character descriptions later this evening so you guys can get a better idea of the game's story than my crappy plot summary above. Stay tuned!

Oh, and I added some info to the OP, so you might want to check it out again if you've already read it. :)
Projects / Spectacles: Bruce's Story
The latest release was on April 29, 2014.
Screenshots are attached; see below.

Bruce's Story is the first installment of the three-part Spectacles Saga, a series of role-playing games following the exploits of Scott Starcross as he attempts to find and defeat the Primus, an exceedingly powerful magic user who threatens both worlds. According to a prophecy made years before the saga begins, Scott, the eleventh Littermate, is the only person capable of stopping the Primus with the aid of the Spectacles, a legendary pair of eyeglasses granting their wearer magical protection--ostensibly making Scott the chosen one. But all may not be as it seems...

So the plot for this is essentially finished, along with about 50% of the dialogue.  Programming-wise, however, it's still just a battle engine, which is quite far along.

Spectacles: Bruce's Story on GitHub:

Current Release - 2014-04-29 - "Hollow Mind" Battle and AI demo:
(after opening the above link, click File->Download to get the archive.)

Technical Details:

  • Resolution - 320x240

  • Battle System - Count Time Battle (like FFX)


  • Scott Starcross - The protagonist of Bruce's Story, Scott is apparently the eleventh of the Littermates, a group of 11 children with a common father, so named due to their father's initial relunctance to give them names. One uncharacteristically windy night, Scott's best friend Robert Spellbinder goes missing and Scott wanders into the woods while looking for him, landing him in the dream world of Lucida, which is ruled by creatures known as nightmares.  Scott soon learns of a prophecy that names him as the one chosen to defeat the Primus--whose identity turns out to be none other than Robert Spellbinder (that was already a bit of a spoiler, so I'll avoid saying any more plot-related about Scott :)). Scott is naive to a fault, often nearly to the point of being willfully ignorant. He is also very, very forgiving, able to ignore some very large transgressions in favor of looking to the future. Scott wields a sword in battle.

  • Bruce Arsen - Once one of Scott's closest friends, but ironically one who Scott inherently distrusts. Bruce has been trying to convince Scott for a long time that Robert is untrustworthy, but to no avail. His tenacity in this has caused Scott to push him away further and further, having nearly reached the breaking point by the time Bruce's Story gets underway. Bruce appears to be narrating (hence the title), but exactly from what vantage point this narration comes remains a mystery.  In battle, Bruce wields a gun, initially a rifle passed down from his father but later on gains use of handguns.

  • maggie - No, this is not a typo, maggie's name really is spelled in lowercase. Belonging to a rare class of nightmares, hunger-pigs, born of dreamers' primal fears of being eaten, maggie is the former leader the neo-Hippos, a gang of hunger-pigs whose sole purpose for existing is to put prospective members through a rigged initiation process in which the condition for membership is to be devoured by an established Hippo.  maggie has since denounced her role in the group, and upon meeting up with Scott in Lexington Manor, joins his group.  In battle, maggie can devour her opponents (including most bosses!), often gaining the use of her quarry's skills in the process.

  • Elysia Ilapse - Daughter of Justin Ilapse, the creator the Spectacles. Elysia gives Scott the glasses shortly after meeting him, in the name of fulfilling the prophecy. Scott meets her while she is on the run from the neo-Hippos, who have been terrorizing her for years. Why they targeted her (and her father) specifically remains an open question. Elysia wields a bow and arrows in battle.

  • Robert Spellbinder - Son of Victor Spellbinder. Robert was Scott's best friend, but disappeared into the woods right before the beginning of the saga. Finding out why he disappeared so suddenly is a major driving force in the first leg of Bruce's Story (especially for Bruce), but events soon take a more sinister turn, conspiring to make Robert into the antagonist.  Hint: Refer to the spoiler in Scott's description above.

Libraries / Re: [Script] LinkedList
The Sphere editor doesn't highlight it for some reason. I was wary of it at first for the same reason, until I researched JS and found out it was a standard part of the language. Then I just felt dumb. :)
Engine Development / Re: TurboSphere
Yeah, we kind of hijacked the thread a bit there didn't we? Getting back on topic, any idea when TurboSphere will be at 1.5 levels of functionality? The current 1.x engine is pretty much a 10-year-old codebase, so it's be nice to use something a bit more modern :)
Engine Development / Re: TurboSphere

Well, someone has seen Wreck-it Ralph. :P

Haha, indeed, and that movie was awesome. Every gamer owes it to themselves to see it at least once, if only for the nostalgia factor alone. The filmmakers really did their homework there. The fact that the story is great is just icing on the cake (no pun intended, I swear! :) )