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Game Development / Wizard Kings

Download here:

Wizards Kings is a turn based strategy game where you go to war with a rival wizardom. Each turn, assign work to increase your economy, use your economy to increase production, or use it to increase your spellcraft. Then with your production and spellcraft, create units to send to the enemy during the raise phase.

There are three fields. During the orders phase you can click to select a unit you control and then click a neighboring field to send it there. If there is an enemy on that field, units next to each other will fight during the combat phase. A unit on a field can move itself to the right end of the line by clicking the right end of the field when it's selected.

Combat is determined by the unit numbers: attack, health, and reach. During combat, the unit with the highest reach attacks first and reduces the hp of the other by the amount of attack points. Then, the reach number is reduced and that unit attacks again. If the reach number is the same, then both units attack. This continues until the reach number is at zero, or one (or both) units are defeated. So a unit with reach 3 against a unit with reach 1 will attack twice (reach values 3 and 2), and then both units will attack each other
for the next reach numbers of 1 and 0.

When you have your units in your opponents field, then if there are no enemy units there then you will attack. If there are 1 or 2 units attacking, then they will remove some production from the enemy. If there are three or more units there, then they will attack the walls with their combined attack values.

The first player to reduce the opponents walls to 0 wins!

The Controls:
Mouse: Click on buttons and units
Space: Skip to next phase (if not the assign phase)
Escape: Deselect unit

This was made at TOJam this year, but it took me a while to get the time to finish it up, and then some more to upload it.
Game Development / The Other Adventurer 3D

Find the magical golden goat of glory inside the deadly dungeon. You have entered, and lo and behold! It lays right in front of you! But, it is across a gap too wide to reach. You are so close, but so far apart. Explore the dungeon and beat the 4 magical boss slimes to unlock the way into the evil slime king's lair. After he is slain, the path to the treasure you desire will be unlocked! But the way is long and dangerous, so be sure to restock your supplies in the nearby town and ask the townsfolk for helpful information.

Made at TOJam 14.

Download here:

-WASD to move
-Left mouse to attack
-Right mouse to block (sword & shield only).
-E to use (eg: open chests, talk to people)
-1-4 to switch weapons
-Space to jump
-F5/F8 to Save/Load (not yet working)
-F1 to show help
-Escape to quit

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

So this is a simple 3d fps made with Sphere 1.5, using transformBlits for the 3d drawing.  Since transformBlits use affine texture mappings, I allow for up to 16 subdivisions of the quads to help with the distortions (as well as issues around quads spanning between being in front of the camera and behind it).  The engine limits out at about 400 quads on screen at once, which I've noticed before with The Rainis Manuscript with how transformBlits are done in Sphere v1.  As a result, it has an adorably early 90's frame rate.  Also, the distance sort function is a little off, but I couldn't be bothered to fix it.

Game Development / Zell Menace
Zell Menace

Sorry for being a bit late with posting this one here.  Zell Menace is a vertical shooter made during TOJam 13, a weekend game jam hosted every year in Toronto in May. Instead of the typical powerups and bullet-hell of shooters, this game has money drops so you can upgrade your ship, and shield/armor so your ship can take multiple hits of damage (in this regard, similar to Tyrian). However, you only get one life to beat the game, so be sure to upgrade your ship so you can make it through the 5 levels and beat the boss.

The Default Controls:
Move ship: Arrow Keys
Fire Lasers: Space
Fire Homing Missile: Control
Upgrade Forward Weapons: 1
Upgrade Diagonal Weapons: 2
Upgrade Homing Weapons: 3
Upgrade Generator: 4
Upgrade Shields: 5
Upgrade Engine: 6
Upgrade Armor: 7

Game Development / The Other Adventurer
The Other Adventurer is a short action RPG in the style of the original Zelda, made at TOJam 12. You must explore a dungeon maze and collect the four elemental keys to unlock your path into the lair of the final boss and save the princess.

The jam's theme was "Prepare For Disappointment," which should explain itself as you play the game.  My guess is about an hour to beat. Saving/Loading can be done by going to the screen to the south of the starting screen and moving over the save/load section for the three save slots.

Arrow Keys: Movement
Space: Sword attack
Ctrl: Fire bow (when obtained)
Tab: Toggle minimap
M: Toggle music

Game Development / GaMc

GaMcis a metroidvania puzzle platformer made during TOJam 11.  Grab blocks, jump around and solve the puzzles to unlock all the switches to the end.  For the adventurous, find all the golden treasure goats to get to the secret end room, but be warned, you better be ready to glitch the game out to make it there...

It's a pretty short game.  Getting to the end should be reasonably ok if you explore the full map.  Getting all the treasures should be pretty hard since you have to abuse a few different glitches in the process, so good luck!

Also, as a side note, while I was testing this game after the jam, I noticed that on some screens the game would update normally, but the screen just wouldn't flip correctly.  It would appear to lag and chop excessively, but the game would still be playing normally, I just couldn't see it.  It seems like that problem was fixed after changing the draw/update loop:

Code: [Select]

while (true)
    while (GetTime()-last_time < frame_time);
while (true)
    while (GetTime()-last_time < frame_time)
        FlipScreen();//without this line it would still chop.

Got into this problem on both 1.4 and 1.5 of the engine and open_gl.  Didn't try it out on earlier versions.
Editor Development / Tileset editing bug
Hello all.

I've been doing a bit more work in sphere lately, and a bug that's been around for a while now is starting to... bug me.

Specifically, I've often used the sphere map editor for pixel work, since I can use the tileset palette to select a rectangle of tiles and then edit those tiles in the tileset tab.  I've always preferred the sphere image editor, and using the map editor this way has been the best method I've found for larger images.  However, in v1.5 or 1.4 of the editor, doing this over and over again (selecting a rectangle in the tileset, working on it, selecting a new rectangle, and so on), first causes the Sphere IDE menus to draw black, and then eventually cause the IDE to stop responding.  As well, in these version the insert tile in the tileset and insert frame/direction/sprite in the spriteset editor cause a crash immediately.

Has anyone looked into these issues before?
Game Development / Rouge Rogue Rabbit Puncher
Rouge Rogue Rabbit Puncher

RRRP is a rogue-like where you explore 10 levels of killer rabbits.  It's fairly simple, you punch rabbits.  Hope you enjoy it.

It was made during TOJam10 in April this year, but I wanted to add music and sound to the game, but never got around to it until now.

You can download it from the site:

Game Development / Entropy and Schroden
TOJam 9 has just finished, so I'm posting my game from that jam here.  First though, I haven't posted anything on Spherical from the previous one.


Game page

Entropy is a puzzle game where the player has to get past a computer overlord that is able to detect the entropy of the player's actions relative to the non-playable characters in the game.  This computer overlord has trapped the world inside an Atari 2600 simulation, and you must get to the blue colored column of pixels that are supposed to represent a river in order to complete a desperate plan to save the world.

Every time the player completes a level, the computer overlord will try to find a highly entropic property of the player's movement (for example: x-position, speed, etc.), and from then on, it will start measuring this property of the dots in the system.  If the player's values becomes too different from that of the other dots in the system, then the computer will discover this and the player will lose.  If on the other hand, the computer is unable to find something entropic in the players actions, then it will increase its accuracy in measuring the said properties, making it harder for the player to reach the end goal.

Made at TOJam 8.


Game page

Schroden is a minimalistic puzzle platformer, where the main character, Schroden, is both alive and dead.  You control both the alive Schroden, as well as his ghost, and when the alive Schroden dies, he becomes a ghost and his ghost comes back to life. 

It's a short game, with 6 screens, but the last one is quite a difficult one to figure out.  Made at TOJam 9.

A final note about Schroden, it was designed at 320x180, and uses 4x scaling to bring it up to 1280x720, but since it uses the map engine, it needed to use 2x layer sizes for the drawn layers, but when it's drawn out, there's overlap in the coordinates of the tiles (likely inconsistent rounding errors).  This is why the shadows (in particular), form 1 pixel wide double opaque boxes inside them.
Game Development / Emergency Riot Response
This game is a bit old, but I don't think I posted it anywhere until a few days ago. 

Emergency Riot Response was made at TOJam 6 (2011), and is a very simple RTS where you control a police force tasked with guarding a very important event from protesters (the red pixels).  Left-clicking your police squads will select them and left-clicking again will move them around the city, pushing protesters in that direction, and preventing them from advancing towards the central conference building.  To make things complicated, there are a select few protesters that just want to riot and destroy the city (the black pixels).  To deal with these guys, you can right-click move a squad, which will move and detain anyone in the squad's path.

To win, you must prevent protesters from getting into the conference area, prevent the city from getting damaged too much, and not use excessive force until the conference is over.

Main game page:

TOJam 8 also wrapped up recently, so I will be posting my game made during that jam as well, as soon as it's uploaded on RMN.