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@Davince: You're on...
DaVince: Now how about you make one again too? I liked your old games and demos. :)

You're on... How about pulling this one off?
Keen can look up and down now...

Another idea is to take known things, so to attract people, say, an angry video game nerd platformer, with cursing and such. No need to make it long, just make it hard, and deliberately buggy....
We can go crazy with the characters, introducing fuzzed sprites, choppy movements... you name it.

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Re: @Davince: You're on...
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Well, I can't say I expected that!

I kinda forgot what a robust little engine that is. Besides the buggy walking off ledges and missing shooting/hanging/climbing controls. I just got disinterested in continuing making a Keen game, but this could always be reused for some sort of platformer. Thanks for bringing old material back to light.

I like that you immediately attached an FBNil Scriptâ„¢ to it. Well, that's a good thing.

(Won't be a few weeks until I get started on any game, however.)
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