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Bind an image to the camera
Is there a way to bind an image to the camera?

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Re: Bind an image to the camera
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In the map engine there are render scripts. Here is a quick example of how to achieve this:

Code: (javascript) [Select]

function game()
    CreatePerson("player", "some_sprite.rss", false);
    // ...



var my_image = LoadImage("some_image.png");

function MyRender()
    my_image.blit(0, 0); // draws the image at location 0, 0, following the camera.

Render scripts are, in a way, attached to the camera as in they move when it moves. This is useful for showing HUD's and other pieces of info.
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Re: Bind an image to the camera
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Rather than saying they follow the camera, it might be better to say it's not dependent on the map engine's camera at all. Thus, position (0,0) is the top-left of the screen no matter what; the map engine and camera don't factor in at all (except for the fact that a thing like a render script is a map engine thing, I suppose).