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Hello everyone from Laserblue
My nickname is laserblue. I want to use Sphere to create illustrations, illustrative cutscenes and eventually a nonviolent fantasy 2D RPG. I'm thinking of calling it Mitty's maize after the fictional dreamer Walter Mitty.I am not a programmmer or artist and don't even have a desktop computer anymore so my progress has been extremely slow. I'm tempted by websphere and Html5 canvas but I like how things are organized in  Sphere.
  I am using Daniel Eddeland's cornfield art from Open Game Art for some exterior scenes . I have made minor modifications and added a few more tiles for wooden stakes to mark plant rows and cardboard strips on corn stalks. I am learning how to make and use tiles and maps. I made a topdown tractor sprite but need to make it 3/4 overhead like my wooden stakes. I am currently trying to learn how to properly code a dynamic map rendering function and map update function I am also working on a survey measuring tape sprite to be used by two characters.

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Re: Hello everyone from Laserblue
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Welcome to Spherical, laserblue! It's nice to see you're already experimenting plenty with the engine and with game creation. Good luck with whatever you are working on and feel free to ask us questions here any time. :)