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So i was recovering data
Along time ago i dropped my 1tb HDD causing it to stop working

well i got it working again, kinda and was in the process of recovering data from it and happened to find a folder named sphere..

I'm not sure whats in there exactly but I'm seeing earlier versions of Boingers, Aquatis, older sphere games called Dentures revenge, PK Metal and RPG 0.05 could even be a few tutorials/resources from the old site

anyway once i get it all back onto a working HDD (its transferring at 1-100kb/s yawn) ill have a sort through and upload somewhere for you all to browse, hopefully theres things that are "missing" :D

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Re: So i was recovering data
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Pretty much all of the things you mentioned seem to be on the downloads drive already. Seems to be mostly all the compo stuff. Do upload what you have, though, I'm curious if there's long lost stuff in there. :)

Re: So i was recovering data
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I'm guessing that anything we don't have already is something we don't know we don't have.

So uploading it would be a great idea!

I'm interested in what tutorials you have from the old site.

Re: So i was recovering data
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That sounds like the games that come with the 1.5 installer.

Rpg 0.05
Rpg 0.01

I specifically remember being in there