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Happy new year!
Well, it's been 2014 for about 50 minutes as I type this. Maybe it's already been longer for you, or maybe it has yet to come, but... Happy new year, fellow Spherical members! May you have a great 2014. :)

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Re: Happy new year!
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It'll be the new year here in 8 hours about.
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Re: Happy new year!
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Now I need to retrain myself to write 2014 on everything. I had only just gotten used to writing 2013!

And sometimes I still wake up from a deep sleep, and I am shocked to realize we have passed the year 2000.

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Re: Happy new year!
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Happy new year, everyone! Hope you all don't get eaten by a hunger-pig!
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Re: Happy new year!
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Happy New Year! I'm interested to see what the Sphere community comes up with this year. Even though I'm not that active around here any more, I will still pop in and watch progress, especially on TurboSphere and Sphere SFML which interest me greatly.

Re: Happy new year!
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Happy new year everyone!
I almost never post here anymore but Spherical will always have a special place in my heart.
It's where I started learning programming when I was about 13 years old.
Or at least I was using Sphere 1.0 back then and it was still
I'm 21 now.

Anyways I love all of you <3