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Can't start game
When my friend tries to start the game ( via engine.exe and the editor ), he gets the procedure entry point not found error. Any reason why? He's running it on Windows 8 btw

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Re: Can't start game
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The error? This is the first I've ever heard of that error... ???
Googling that error gives me very varied results and the cause seems to be something related to corrupt/wrong version DLLs, but it's difficult to say what's happening unless we know what DLL he's having issues with.

Seems like you usually get a DLL file name with that error message, happen to have one? Maybe we can continue troubleshooting from there.

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Re: Can't start game
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Either wrong DLL's or missing DLL's, that's all I can say. I have seen errors like this by installing something new over something old and not replacing overlapping files. You need to make sure the executable and it's binaries are up to date (usually the binaries for the executable are meant to go together). So, I'd just reinstall Sphere to a fresh, new directory and copy the games folder over.
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Re: Can't start game
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I get this error...

"The procedure entry point JS_GetContextPrivate could nto be located in te dynamic link library js32.dll"

...when I copy js32.dll, which I downloaded after getting a "js32.dll missing" error, into the Sphere folder.

I tried reinstalling. Don't see how that could possibly help, but I did, and it didn't.