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Hey guys, just started using Sphere and making games. I would like to see any games people have already created to get me inspired? Also, can you make menus with Sphere???

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Welcome to Spherical!

You can find some games in the Spherical Repository. There are also some Sphere games on at RMN that aren't in the repo.

You can certainly make menus. There is a tutorial on the wiki ( all about it, and a bunch of examples in the repo (competition games, compo number 2).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I look forward to seeing what you create.
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Welcome to Spherical!

Flying Jester just pointed you to the finished games, but there's many more games that were made with Sphere, some of the unfinished ones being much more impressive and representative. So go take a look at the demos and incomplete games, too. And some interesting stuff was made during competitions! :)

Regarding what you can do with Sphere: it's got a very flexible API, so you should be able to do tons. I suggest you check out these URLs:
- Game tests, tech demos and examples
- Libraries and scripts
- Tutorials on the wiki
- Scripts on the wiki
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