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Has anyone here played this game? It's on Android and iOS. I had the fortune of meeting the company that developed the games' main artist(who also codes some things). He had a very interesting tale to tell. If any of you have played it, I was curious what you think of it?


The logo is a little odd and not safe for work.  ???
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Re: bitDungeon
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I'm more interested in the story this artist would happen to have. I know forum oldie Musashi (who apparently hasn't re-registered yet after I put up these new forums) worked for a mobile games company as an artist and up until he left he was always telling me some interesting stories himself.

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Re: bitDungeon
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The logo is a little odd.  ???

Yeah, just as a heads-up to everyone else, that logo probably wouldn't be considered work-safe.
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Re: bitDungeon
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@Neo: It was good to hear it "from the horses mouth" so-to-speak. As an artist he worked for EA for a while although I forget now which projects (Guitar Hero was one of them). Mainly he was trying to get the point across that work for artists is really up and down. He would have a job for 4 months and the project would end and then he would have to find something else. Very interesting insight from inside the industry.

@Lord English: I probably should have mentioned that.

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Re: bitDungeon
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If it helps anyone, Musashi maintains a blog on his games' development and sometimes posts some stuff about game design and interesting discussion points. See here.