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Title: [WIKI] Article standards and practices
Post by: N E O on June 24, 2013, 09:20:29 pm
To those who would like to contribute to the wiki and/or edit existing articles, the following is a list of finalized standards and practices for formatting an article for inclusion on the wiki. The list is subject to change (expansion, most likely) at any time as deemed necessary.

Articles documenting Sphere functions

There is a template functemp you can use to create the function article. Enter the following at the top of the article, replacing each REPLACEME as needed:
Code: [Select]


As a wiki template, functemp can take parameters; some are optional:

There are also various "navboxes" that are meant to be transcluded in the footer of function articles. Find the navbox for the function in question and transclude it at the bottom of the article.

Articles documenting tutorials

Articles documenting procedures