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Topics - Hudell

Is anybody here participating on the Humble Bundle's IGMC?

Would be nice to see a sphere game there. Unfortunately I already have other two projects and can't work on a third just to use the engine.
Projects / Rabbit Adventures
This is a simple game I made in the last few days. I only built it to test sphere functions and stuff, not a big project or anything.

You can use the arrow keys to move the rabbit around, the R key to restart a stage and space to talk/examine.
Hellos and Byes / Hello people

My name is Hudell (at least on the internet, in real life my name is Pierre). I'm 25 years old and I'm coming back to spheredev after ~7 years.
I didn't find my old user, so I just created a new one.

Back in that time, I was just starting as a programmer, and didn't really have any JS skills. I came back to see how things are because I have an ambicious game I want to make (I will talk more about it at some point).

So, I noticed there's a new Sphere Editor out there now, but it didn't really work for me (The program crashed everytime I opened the tileset editor), so I went back to version 1.5
Yesterday night I kept playing with it, trying to remember how things work and I must say I'm quite happy with the way sphere does things.
I will check the forums to see what changed in these years, but for now, this is just a hello.