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Spherical News / So i was recovering data
Along time ago i dropped my 1tb HDD causing it to stop working

well i got it working again, kinda and was in the process of recovering data from it and happened to find a folder named sphere..

I'm not sure whats in there exactly but I'm seeing earlier versions of Boingers, Aquatis, older sphere games called Dentures revenge, PK Metal and RPG 0.05 could even be a few tutorials/resources from the old site

anyway once i get it all back onto a working HDD (its transferring at 1-100kb/s yawn) ill have a sort through and upload somewhere for you all to browse, hopefully theres things that are "missing" :D
Hellos and Byes / Hi
Hello again Sphere ;D

I once visited the old forums learned a little then lost interest, well now im back older and (hopefully) a little wiser
to have yet another attempt at making games.

Nice to see some of the old faces still around tho (Davine, Flying Jester, Radnen and co).

My first problem seems to be with importing .png images to sprite sets, sphere just give me "error cannot import file"
am i doing something wrong? seems like this was easier last time i tried it (a loong time ago)