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Libraries / Re: LibEQB (Library ActionScript3 style)
For trying 100 objects, I have actually tried that and found that performance is acceptable (~80-90fps with 300 objects, basic only, scaled and rotated) only in sphere_gl, it struggles on standard though.

And on standard I see some scaling issues (particularly for my Window class implementation - middle of the title bar and corner of borders are drawn improperly which I don't see in sphere_gl). In sphere_gl, the downside is slow loading of fonts  :-\
Libraries / Re: LibEQB (Library ActionScript3 style)
Yeah, when I started I was just playing around and now looking back, it turned out to be a huge project for me. I was planning on making my own RPG but ended up making a library  ;)

If you look the the changelogs, I code in burst  ;D whenever I have time, new idea or inspiration. I had some major revisions to this library (most of the older versions, I thought, were not worth sharing yet..) but now I felt I had to share. I hope it's not too late  :-\
Libraries / LibEQB (Library ActionScript3 style)
Hi guys,

I have been working on this library on the sides for quite a while now. Well whenever I have time and interest that is  ;D

Anyway, this library enables you to manage your resources similar to how you code in Flash Action Script 3. Of course this is a lot simpler and a lot less secure (due to limitations of Javascript). However I have made it somehow as similar as I can to the original one. Basically if you are familiar with Flash AS3, then it will be very easy for you to use this library.

Major features:
  - Accurate mouse interaction (ability to click irregular images/shapes)
  - Comprehensive Input system: Physical and Emulated Keyboard/Mouse (click, drag, wheel) Input
  - Animation (with tween): Position/Rotation/scaling on different types: images, text, primitive objects (lines and other shapes) with variable registration point
  - Collision checking for primitives and image frames (similar to flash - hitTest)
  - Advanced text processing: HTML (with tags like <b>, <font>, <a>, etc.), text wrapping, text input, hyperlinks (to run a script)
  - Nested object hierarchy (similar to flash) - enables creation of complex display types (see UIEQB)
  - Event dispatching system
  - Basic tools: Timers, Sound
  - Support for animation handling
  - Data management: pre loading or lazy loading
  - Console included for debugging
  - Experimental support for ParticleSystem
  - UI Element implementation of the library (Button, Checkboxes, RadioButton, ScrollBar, Slider, ProgressBar, Window) and more to come (NumericStepper, ComboBox)
  - Ability to run with MapEngine
  - A lot more, I'll provide a list once I finish the documentation

Sorry for not having much documentation done. But let me know that you think.

Download LibEQB/UIEQB demo (partial demo of features only):

Thanks to Radnen's Sphere Studio for enabling import of fonts!  :)
Hellos and Byes / Haloo!
Hello Everyone!

It's good to be back. I'm still working on my library (feature packed, something that feels like Flash AS3) from time to time and once I have finished making the demo, I'll share it with you guys.

Thanks for all the confirmation. It's just disappointing because I noticed that image drawing is faster in 1.7 :-\. Anyway, just going to stick with 1.6  ;)
Hi everyone! It's good to know the community is still active after all this time. I just downloaded the version 1.7(alpha) from the repository. I'm not sure if there have been some changes with the API but I am having trouble accessing/assigning values to color objects - I somehow can't access correctly the individual properties (red,green,blue,alpha). I have been using v1.6 before so I don't know if this is a known issue with v1.7alpha.