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Re: miniSphere 5.1.0
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@Radnen If you feel like it, you could join the Discord chat while experimenting with the new API. Really helps to leave feedback on it especially when you find a bug, or you'll get a quick response on how something works. :)

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Re: miniSphere 5.1.0
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Bad news I'm afraid regarding the miniSphere build for macOs. It appears that a new security feature of some kind in macOs High Sierra breaks it. (The error message you'll get is "can't find system font")

The build should still run fine on macOs Sierra though.

For anyone who's at the bleeding edge with macOs I'll try and find a way around this but not really sure what the answer is yet - it may have t have an installer or the answer may be that I just to put the system folder inside the app bundle - and change the path handling to expect this.

For now sphereRun is still usable, so if you're ok with having to launch everything from the command line it's all good... (I assume apple doesn't apply security to unix style applications in the same way they do to app bundles)