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Projects / Re: Project ZeC (My Zelda-esque Clone)
Last post by Miscreant -
That sounds less like development hell and more like a forced hiatus!

Seems that way. I currently only have my "smartphone" with android and an Ipad Mini. As far as I know, Sphere has never been developed for either of those two platforms. So as of right now there is not very much that I can do to continue development on ZeC. I do have things drafted out on paper for some aspects of the game but actual coding and furthering the project is kind of at a stand still. Most of my finances are currently "tied up" in moving into a new studio apartment so I can not even begin to look into acquiring a new development pc/or mac computer. I would really like to continue the project. Things were progressing with it, although there were a few little bugs that I needed to look into the coding about. Right now, the whole project is just sitting on a USB thumb drive waiting...
Spherical News / Re: Forum updates thread
Last post by DaVince -
Just a note: I tried updating ElkArte to the latest version but something seems to have gone wrong. I reverted the update but we've lost useful plugins for now. Will attempt to fix this once I figure out how to get the new version of ElkArte installed. Registrations are disabled until I figure it out. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Resources / Re: Free sound effects for your projects.
Last post by DaVince -
This is great! I've noticed a trend where entirely too many people rely on Sfxr or Bfxr for their sound effects, making the sounds always sound the same. It makes a game lose its uniqueness characteristic a little.* So it's very nice to have some libraries of sound effects readily available like this.

Additionally to your links, the Spherical Downloads Drive also has a bunch of sounds and music readily available for any game projects. Those are developed by the community members over here, and are available over here.

*To be fair, I also used Bfxr in Sir Boingers but that's before everyone started doing it. I'd replace them if I still worked on that game though.
Projects / Re: Project ZeC (My Zelda-esque Clone)
Last post by DaVince -
That sounds less like development hell and more like a forced hiatus! It's nice that you're still keeping busy by thinking of new ideas, however. Can't wait to see what you'll show us once you're able to continue developing the game. :)
Site Comments / Re: Discord server
Last post by DaVince -
I do like Discord, but does it seem like it kind of killed forum activity? This wouldn't be the first time I've seen this happen to a community.
Rather than that, I've noticed that when there's a lot of activity on the Discord, there tends to be more activity on the forums as well, and when the Discord is quiet, the forums are also quiet. In our case, I guess Discord promotes quick development and discussion of things which then find their way back to the forums.
Engine Development / Re: miniSphere 5.1.1
Last post by Fat Cerberus -
miniSphere 5.1.1 is up and fixes a bug where the engine could crash on startup if a game had any circular import dependencies.  The macOS build has been updated to the latest version as well.  Special thanks to @Rhuan for this release.
Projects / Re: Project ZeC (My Zelda-esque Clone)
Last post by Miscreant -
It has been a little while since I have updated about ZeC. It seems to have fallen into "developement hell" for the time being. I haven't forgotten about it. I don't currently have or have access to a computer that I can continue to develop on. There is still a lot that needs to be created for ZeC. While I may not have a computer at the moment, I have still been coming up with ideas for further ZeC advancement.
Resources / Free sound effects for your projects.
Last post by djrocket -
Hello guys. I know many sites  that game developers can use to score free game sound effects and music for their games. The secret is knowing where to look. So, I've made the process even easier by compiling a list of websites that offer free game sound effects that you can use in your next project. Many of these sites vary from major sound databases like to small blog sites dedicated to a particular niche.
Engine Development / Re: miniSphere 5.1.0
Last post by Rhuan -
Bad news I'm afraid regarding the miniSphere build for macOs. It appears that a new security feature of some kind in macOs High Sierra breaks it. (The error message you'll get is "can't find system font")

The build should still run fine on macOs Sierra though.

For anyone who's at the bleeding edge with macOs I'll try and find a way around this but not really sure what the answer is yet - it may have t have an installer or the answer may be that I just to put the system folder inside the app bundle - and change the path handling to expect this.

For now sphereRun is still usable, so if you're ok with having to launch everything from the command line it's all good... (I assume apple doesn't apply security to unix style applications in the same way they do to app bundles)
Site Comments / Re: Discord server
Last post by mezzoEmrys -
There's usually a cycle of increased and decreased activity, usually relating to the status of projects and how many people are excited for them. I definitely don't help the problem, since I usually just lurk, but this sort of cycle is pretty natural in the Sphere forums.