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Game Development / Re: DragonBall Z: Saiyajin Legend
I just noticed the low-health powerup ability is called "Plot Armor".  That's hilarious and awesome.
Game Development / Re: DragonBall Z: Saiyajin Legend
For the gameplay I'm picturing something like Secret of Mana but with DBZ characters.  Would that be accurate?  I played a bit of Buu's Fury a few years ago but didn't get very far in it, so I'm trying to get a feel for the battle system.

In any case this looks awesome.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Happy new year everyone!
Hmm... I wonder what new awesome miniSphere features await in 2018...

Happy New Year! 🎊
Engine Development / Re: miniSphere 5.1.0
Protip: The Sphere 1.x API is still available, and for the most part can be freely mixed with v2 API code.
Engine Development / Re: miniSphere 5.1.0
That's odd, because 5.1.0 was supposed to fix that:

So yeah, change any instances of "screen" to "Surface.Screen".
Engine Development / Re: miniSphere 5.1.0
miniSphere 5.1.0 is out just in time for Christmas!  Not as many new features in this release as I originally planned, but I wanted to get a release out as it's been almost two months since 5.0.1. and I've done several important bug fixes since then.

Sphere API level is now 2.

Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree:
Engine Development / Re: miniSphere 5.0.1
I think the engine needs moar eaty pigz
Sphere General / Re: Proper way of using Sphere?
Yes, miniSphere supports .mod (and .it, .xm etc.) through allegro.  It doesn't support mp3 however, or MIDI.
Engine Development / Re: miniSphere 5.0.1
a) get the file path wrong (import expects relative paths)

Not entirely accurate - you can use a full path so long as it has a SphereFS prefix, e.g. @/bin/awesome.mjs.
Engine Development / Re: miniSphere 5.0.1
@Eggbertx Okay, I can reproduce the bug.  Even Specs (which worked fine under Duktape) drops to like 15fps after calling Sphere.restart().  So I don't think it's related to CC at all.  I'll profile the engine to investigate further where the slowdown might be.
Engine Development / Re: miniSphere 5.0.1
I'm not sure if it's something I'm doing wrong, but calling Sphere.restart() seems to cause a massive slowdown

That's a weird one.  I'll definitely look into that!

It could be that closing down CC and reinitializing it disables the JIT somehow, but that level of slowdown shouldn't be noticeable unless you're doing something really intense like mp3 decoding (Chakra's bytecode interpreter is faster than Duktape's).  So it's probably something else.
Code gremlin repellent system
First we had eaty pigs :pig_nose:, now we have code gremlins?!

Well we need something to feed the pig with, right?  So that we don't get eaten by it.
Modern GPUs render everything as textured triangles, this is true for both 2D and 3D graphics.  The specific projection is determined by the transformation matrix in use (in Sphere v2, a Transform object).
I'm still wrapping my head around how to manage polygons and reducing the rendering load by not rendering invisible polys.

I should note that miniSphere has hardware-accelerated APIs for drawing stuff ("Galileo") so you don't have to do this yourself, you can let the GPU do it.  Sphere 1.x dates back to the 90s and is primarily software-rendered, so that's why you had to do this kind of thing yourself.  Not so much in a modern engine like miniSphere.
6/10 not enough pigs