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Welcome! It took some effort to get everything back running (new site, new forums, get emails to function again), so I'm glad it means we get the members we would have missed out on otherwise.
Projects / Re: Project ZeC (My Zelda-esque Clone)
Hey, at least they no longer cost $415 like the original Xerox mouse. :) But yeah, you better return that crap.
Sphere Support / Re: Player Movement Systems...
Link's Awakening comes to mind too, with the little underground platforming segments. :)
Sphere Support / Re: Player Movement Systems...
Seems easily doable. It could be as simple as setting which function to run on every update (aka SetUpdateScript in legacy), determined by a variable.
Well, I asked exactly because exit() is very self-explanatory as well, and just something I've seen around more in software I guess. But your explanation makes a lot of sense; I'm just going to have to remember the change if I ever use the function. :P
Sphere.exit() turned out to be problematic as it was implemented using a longjmp and apparently Allegro didn't like that, causing a crash on exit.  So I replaced it with Sphere.shutDown() which simply instructs the event loop to exit, similarly to how ExitMapEngine() works in Sphere 1.x.
I understand changing the code to make it function, but why did you also change the method name? Sphere.exit() is nice and obvious.

I also gotta say, by the way - nice work on all of this! :D
Projects / Re: Project ZeC (My Zelda-esque Clone)
The old forums shortened the window, and added a scrollbar.
Thanks for reminding me to fix that. :D
The seal of quality was absolutely meaningless as you could find it on anything and everything that wasn't pirate/bootleg stuff. Many, many garbage games have that exact "seal of quality" on them, from NES all the way up to now. (I didn't know they still even had it.)

I just feel that Nintendo has been stronger at making games than the ecosystem around it. They seem to consistently suck, or at the very least "not get it", when it comes to managing their fan base, interfaces, social media et cetera. That said, things seem a bit of an improvement on the Switch side of things.

Speaking of the Switch, huh. I still want one, still don't have one. My woes of being strapped for cash will be over soon! :P
Projects / Re: Project Zelda [MiniSphere 5 Beta]
Ooh, another Zelda project, huh? Can I ask, what generation of Zelda are you basing this on? Or is it a little more generic and combining the general 2D top-down Zelda style in general?
Libraries / Re: box2d-sphere
This is nice! I want to create a platformer in miniSphere eventually, so this would come in mighty useful. :)
Projects / Re: My Junk
This is very cool stuff! I'm always interested in the things people make and share, especially when they're cool intriguing things that never got released before. Thanks very much for sharing!

And yeah, the Sphere 1.x API is still compatible and usable, so if you do decide to keep working on any of these projects, I think that would be a wonderful thing. :)
Projects / Re: Project ZeC (My Zelda-esque Clone)
@Rhuan I do that at the beginning of the game already. MapEngine("Start.rmp", 60);
This is akin to SetMapEngineFrameRate(); for everything else a separate frame limiter is used so calling SetFrameRate() at the start of your game (or whatever function does an internal loop with a FlipScreen) is still a good idea to limit the frames.

SetPersonSpeed() only changes the speed at which a person moves. If there's any rendering differences, that's a bug.
Game Development / Re: The Screenshot Thread
Oh shit, I did say the same thing half a year ago! How about that. :laughing:
Editor Development / Re: The Sphere Studio v1.2.1
In that case, making the text itself fully black would be the way to go. And decreasing the saturation of the background on the finished tasks.
Game Development / Re: The Screenshot Thread
That is really good artwork, considering the crazy constraints (16x16 monochrome). I like. :smiley: