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Projects / Re: Project ZeC (My Zelda-esque Clone)
That is a better explaination than the wiki. Although, not a fan of a "death" example. I've been trying to figure this out for a little while now. Based on that, any item stored in a map that the player collected would be part of 'world' so the variable can be stored in a save file?

Yes, this is a perfect example of storing things in a save file. :)
Projects / Re: Project ZeC (My Zelda-esque Clone)
Self: The current entity running the script. This applies to scripts that belong to people.

Map: This is the map scope. Writing data into this object is accessible by all entities and methods on that map.

World: This is the world scope. Writing data into this object makes it available to all maps and people. This is great to store quest variables and world reactions. A death of a person on map A  can be talked about on map C by writing the variables to that object.
Projects / Re: Project ZeC (My Zelda-esque Clone)
Just noticed the mentions section on these new forums. I'm trying to read everything but there's been a lot of talk! Anyways here's some answers for ya'll:

As for Analogue, here is a version I had on github as a gist:

(I would use the gist tags, but the code gets long. The old forums shortened the window, and added a scrollbar.)

As for map transitions in Blockman, I'm uncertain I want to share that code as because I really need to recode that project for Sphere 2.0+ API. I'm waiting for that ChakraCore engine. :) I use a floating camera too and there are issues with the camera working correctly on Sphere 1.5 API. Basically the map transition scripts are activated when the camera hits past the edges of the map, not the input character. This makes things weird sometimes.
Sphere General / Re: Promoting Sphere?
Steam integration has been often on my mind. So I'm all in for that idea.
Editor Development / Re: The Sphere Studio v1.2.1
I love the look. It's dark theme but not hard on the eyes. There's a softness to it I like. +1
Editor Development / Re: The Sphere Studio v1.2.1
I'll admit the plugins were glitchy because at the time it was such a huge undertaking to recreate the massive amount of editors for sphere 1.x development. They never got the polish they deserve. The map editor in particular was recoded 3 times and while I'm happy with the current version for 1.x maps, there's still some stuff I'd love to have cleaned up.
It's quite nice! Just gotta get that theme updated. Thanks for your hard work!
Engine Development / Re: miniSphere 4.5.11
Fat Cerberus, have you thought about putting "dead zones" between sprites on the atlas? If you add a 1px or 2px transparent gap, the artifacting should go away. It helped the atlases in my SSFML build, for instance.
Site Comments / Re: Improving the wiki
I don't think PHP 5 is the culprit for a 3 to 5 second slowdown. Even if PHP 7 was twice as fast, something else has to be responsible for even an extra second of wait time. I think it's one of the extensions, possibly one to do with spam control?
Editor Development / Re: The Sphere Studio v1.2.1
Yeah, I agree. Imitating the VS start page would be great to have. +1
This looks pretty good to me! I guess it's like a gamer's version of slack.
I prefer the black with white outline, aka left side of updated pic. Looking good, tho. Color me interested!
I modularize everything as much as I can. A separate file for healthbars, stats, attacks, etc.

At the end of the day, battle systems are going to be huge, there's not a lot you can do to minimize that. However, with the right mix of modules, many complicated bits can be made less confusing. At the end of the day, it's all about the cyclomatic complexity. Generally, the "flatter" your code, the better (usage of less nested scopes).

it feels almost like a different programming language.

Later RM's used the Ruby programming language, but the latest RM is now using JavaScript, so actually learning Sphere's JS would in fact help you out if you do decide to return to RM someday down the line. :) That said, I don't think RM2K had any programming besides logic statements in the action/event editor which is in fact a form of programming and a feature I would have liked to build into the editor someday (basically it turns RM2K style events from a point-and-click editor into Fat Cerberus's scenario.js scripts).
Script Support / Re: Surface Questions

He's using the Sphere v2 API (note the new Surface(...)).  Surfaces have no built-in primitives in Sphere v2, you're meant to use Galileo (i.e. Shape objects).  See:

Oh damn, lol I'm becoming and old fogy in the community. lol