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Game Development / Re: Canasta, by Defiant
Yea, it was meant as a platform for me and a few friends to be able to play together from a distance. Worked pretty good.

Bots as well as cities & knights is scheduled for the 2.0 release, which I haven't really haven't progressed on.

I know I need better presentation on both the games as there's no control scheme present without really looking into the code a bit.
Game Development / Re: Canasta, by Defiant
Holy crap... I didn't think anyone read that blong  :D

I also threw my Catan knock-off game on my blog as well,

It has networking/client chat and rough server capabilities.
Hellos and Byes / Re: A temporary absence for me
Download the Google Chrome app. Million times better than Safari.
Editor Development / Re: Radnen's Sphere Studio v1.2.0
So, I got a new (to me) laptop that has Windows 10 on it, and didn't have much choice to use this editor since the Vanilla one locks up when I try to edit an image.

Umm.... where do I edit resolution?

No hot keys for copy & paste in the script editor? That's a bit frustrating.

Sometimes when I load up the editor from turning on my computer, errors tend to fly...Not sure if it's something I'm missing or what..
Engine Development / Re: minisphere 2.1.6
It successfully loads minisphere. It allows me to select a game, but then crashes there after. It doesn't load the game.
Engine Development / Re: minisphere 2.1.6
Sorry, I should clarify that I can load a game, doesn't matter which one, but it fails to load the window when launching the game, sorry for the confusion.
Engine Development / Re: minisphere 2.1.6
So it crashes when it tries to create the window. I copied the data it contains in the technical stuff, let me know if anything else would help diagnose this.
Engine Development / Re: minisphere 2.1.6

Actually does minisphere even run on WinXP?  Defiant had issues a while back, I think I fixed it but I don't have an XP machine to test on.

I haven't got it to work yet on my XP machine. Doesn't crash, just loads up a dialog and then exits, can't see the error before it disappears.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: A plea for help
I have a full-time job+. Not only working at least 40 hours a week I have to head off each year for a couple months and do technical training, so I'm constantly without much spare time at all. Doesn't seem to matter which season it'd be, I tend to be tied up with work and sports. Which in turn means minimal time for sphere and my projects.
Sounds like a handy tool in my opinion.
Engine Development / Re: minisphere 1.0.8
It comes up with the screenshot below... but when I click technical details I can't copy&paste the information there, and it's got all the modules and some hex data.
Engine Development / Re: minisphere 1.0.8
@Lord English:
It's at least a valid application now, but it crashes on opening it.

Engine Development / Re: minisphere 1.0.6
Brain fart, I thought there was a link on Github for the pre-compiled version of it, I remember downloading the source, but never tried to compile it, my bad. So yea, only actually downloaded it from the Google drive on a couple separate instances and same thing.
Engine Development / Re: minisphere 1.0.6
I've tried downloading from both Git-hub and the google drive links, both throw that error.
Engine Development / Re: minisphere 1.0.6
So I downloaded miniSphere the other day, and maybe I'm a little dunce, but does this work on XP? I keep getting an error saying it's not a vaild Win32 application, is there something I'm missing?