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The wiki is back!

This took a lot of pain and agony to get working, but finally, things are back to normal! I'm sure that things may not function entirely right everywhere, but at the very least the wiki is accessible, existing accounts work and pages and categories all seem to display correctly.

Account creation is disabled to prevent spam for the time being. I may set up a ReCAPTCHA account creation system, but for the time being, if you don't have an account, you can request one from me.
If it comes down to that, maybe you should just do a complete wipe of the wiki, configuration, pages, and all.
That's exactly what I meant! It's happening right now, after doing a backup of the database of course.
Albrook from Kefka's Revenge might be a good test map too. Lots of layers and scripts everywhere.
Update: Triforce Positioned, Map References in the lower left. Just need to add the number of keys, coins & bombs...
Cool! I should mention that this is a forked discussion about pixel sizes specifically though - the thread for your game project still exists so it's probably better to post progress updates and stuff there. ;)
A scaling filter could be good. A lot of emulators use them for nice upscaling. Something more modern like EPX/Scale2×/AdvMAME2× might be good here.
It's a known problem (see here for discussion), and unfortunately difficult to solve because apparently no one else has ever had the same issue and posted about it anywhere. I'm going to reinstall the entire wiki today and see how far I get in fixing this again.
Font Support / Re: ZeC: Fonts
Anything in the downloads repository is exactly there to be used, and I'm sure N E O would be more than flattered if you did. :)

Don't forget, you could always try importing a ttf-based pixel font too! The original editor has a Windows font to Sphere font converter and I believe miniSphere may even support TTF natively.
On a more personal note: In the process of doing these scaling tests, having to bring all of the spritesets back to the ones from the original LoZ, the project is feeling less and less original. Sure, the map is different but I'm starting to feel as if the other elements that I've had planned out won't mesh well together because Zelda is 16x16, Final Fantasy is 32x32 or 32x48 (depending on the sptite used) and those are just two among some other inconsistences that are developing.

Just like in writing, there is always a rough draft that comes first. Then it goes through several revisions before it might even be close to feeling as if it is complete. It would be unfair to judge based upon a first draft. Would we have ever had Star Wars if someone looked at the rough draft and said "George, this is crap?"

Now, please don't get me wrong. No one here has said that about ZeC. Everyone has actually been very encouraging. I understand that I'm still learning about the pixel consistencies and the such. After all, this is first attempt with a development engine that uses tiles and sprites. I, also, understand that this topic is a learning tool and that is after all why I joined the forum, to learn more about Sphere and all it can do.
Oh, I understand. I wasn't sure what your plan was originally either - to use and keep the Zelda tileset or maybe you were going to replace it with your own eventually. I just noticed that in general, sizes of things didn't quite match up so I figured it'd be a good idea to mention things about this right away. I do think that your game is going in a good direction though. :)
Sphere General / Re: Sphere v2 API discussion
This is amazing, and opens up the engine for so many possibilities when it comes to audio capability. :D

Edit: stuff like this could be pretty interesting for inclusion.
Edit 2: or this for MIDI + soundfont support, with plenty of modification I'm sure.
Spherical News / Re: Announcement: wiki updates
@Fat Cerberus I like the way the page looks. Were there any issues or difficulties in creating the page? Did anything seem broken? You mention the template didn't work but what did it do? This'll be useful information for when I try to reinstall the whole thing... again... *Sigh*
Well, have you played around a little more with textbox size and the line height? (There seems to be a good amount of space wasted between the lines.) There's a lot you could be doing here since nothing is fixed after all; it's all up to you. ;)
Spherical News / Re: Announcement: wiki updates
@DaVince You're the only one that can see these right now, how does this page for DirectoryStream#next() look?
I'll look at it later today if you don't mind. I looked at some of the recent changes a few days ago and they look right at home though. :)

Yeah, if MediaWiki has some kind of function to allow you to export all of the user-created articles as text files (or something like that), that might be for the best, since you could then do a clean wipe and put them all back up when everything is working.
I have direct access to the database, so it could be simpler than that. I think I'll try doing *another* clean wiki install and clean config file while referring to that database and see if it helps, because so far nothing else has.

Also, sorry for taking so long in general. I've been under a lot of pressure so allocating time to extra possibly frustrating things has been low.
Script Support / Re: GetPersonDirection??
The problem lies here:

Code: [Select]
if (PerDir = "North"){
BombX = PerX;
BombY = (PerY - 40);
}else if (PerDir = "South"){
BombX = PerX;
BombY = (PerY + 40);
}else if (PerDir = "East"){
BombX = (PerX + 40);
BombY = PerY;
}else if (PerDir = "West"){
BombX = (PerX - 40);
BombY = PerY;

You are using a single = which means assignment, so basically you're setting PerDir to "North" right away in that very first if statement and it skips everything else. You'll want to use == here, which means comparison.

Another thing: person directions are case sensitive, so you'll need to change the capitalization to "north", "south", "east" and "west", unless you also capitalized the directions in the spriteset file (though this will likely break some default functionality in the map engine).

Code: [Select]
if (PerDir == "north")
Engine Development / Re: miniSphere 4.8.1
I wouldn't mind the warnings as much if the "Run anyway" button wasn't hidden from view by default.
I'm sure it's hidden exactly because the whole zero-day security thing wouldn't work if they didn't obscure it, and then it would defeat the whole purpose of the dialog box. Design through common human behavior and all that.
Aw, I thought the original font was the perfect size for those text boxes... In fact, isn't it even smaller than the default font? I guess it's too wide, but you seem to have enough space for three lines of text. Well, this is all up to you of course.

I can see why the character image would be suffering from making it smaller than it's supposed to be though. Perhaps you can just use the original image and have it shown on the entire left side of the text box. That worked pretty well for, well, FF4 itself actually. :)

By the way, a tip: you can press F12 to make a screenshot of the game too! It'll be saved in the screenshots subfolder of the Sphere engine folder, or for miniSphere, in Documents\MiniSphere\Screenshots.