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Zell Menace
Zell Menace

Sorry for being a bit late with posting this one here.  Zell Menace is a vertical shooter made during TOJam 13, a weekend game jam hosted every year in Toronto in May. Instead of the typical powerups and bullet-hell of shooters, this game has money drops so you can upgrade your ship, and shield/armor so your ship can take multiple hits of damage (in this regard, similar to Tyrian). However, you only get one life to beat the game, so be sure to upgrade your ship so you can make it through the 5 levels and beat the boss.

The Default Controls:
Move ship: Arrow Keys
Fire Lasers: Space
Fire Homing Missile: Control
Upgrade Forward Weapons: 1
Upgrade Diagonal Weapons: 2
Upgrade Homing Weapons: 3
Upgrade Generator: 4
Upgrade Shields: 5
Upgrade Engine: 6
Upgrade Armor: 7

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Re: Zell Menace
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This is really nice - controls very smoothly and I like the choose your own upgrade system.